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We believe that success comes from providing clients with excellent work product and service at a fair price.

The Crooms Law Firm represents individuals and small businesses throughout central and eastern North Carolina in a variety of civil contexts. Purposefully small in size, our goal is not to be the biggest, but rather to be the very best at what we do. We judge our success by the value we bring to the people we represent.

Our firm believes that attorneys are uniquely situated to have a positive impact in their communities. We care about our community and our neighbors and we are interested in affecting change that positively affects us all. We are actively involved in and support several professional, civic, charitable, and faith based organizations.


Attorney: Carson Crooms

Carson began his legal career working as a case manager for the multi-state plaintiff's firm Beltz & Ruth prior to law school. Throughout law school, he worked as a research assistant in the torts department at Campbell, served as a...


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